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Walking poles

Ms. Cynthia Ryan MBA
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Does anyone use walking poles to help them balance? Does it increased your confidence to be more active? Has it contributed to your vestibular recovery?

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See my comments in the Title bar above. 😀 

Karen R. Mizrach
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Yes. I bought a set of poles a couple of years ago in order to begin practice walking. It was a huge help and got me started on the recovery process. I started using them on a school track, where I could stop when needed to rest on the bleachers. Eventually I became more confident and ventured out to a nearby park. The poles, or a walking stick, are a wonderful grounding aide. 

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Yes I use poles when I feel unbalanced. They give me confidence and help me get in my cardio.

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Yes, I think this is the best way to make a balance and increase confidence.