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First time Balance issues in 30 years since menieres diagnosis

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At 17, I was diagnosed with Menieres Disease after a number of extreme vertigo attacks, after a few years the attacks stopped and left me with half deafness and wooshing in my left ear. Menieres never really bothered me after that and I carried on with my life
Last year around the time of second Moderna Vaccine? I had another very similar attack for the first time in 30 years. After this I wasn't very well for a about a month or so but had no issues with dizziness.

In February this year had a sore throat and was suffering from stress I started to feel generally dizzy and I had about 2 weeks of on and off spinning vertigo when laying down in the night or sat watching TV, the spinning stopped and left me generally very dizzy, especially in mornings with pressure and tightness in my left bad ear which I remembered from the first time I got menieres also the tinnintus got worse.
Over the last 5 months the Dizziness has very slowly subsided, the ear pressure has gone and I can now focus better on near objects. but past few weeks its not been good maybe becuase Ive stopped taking many meds

I dont know what caused it , one ENT says the cold nother the Vaccines and another stress and too much running and weight lifting. Anyway Im here now in this situation and want to get my balance back asap My question is how useful is balance retraining at speeding up recovery? and is it normal for the process to fluctuate ?