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Gravity Pull - sensation of a giant magnet dragging me down

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Hi All,

I would love to hear from anyone who thinks they may have similar symptoms and who has had a diagnosis/treatment.

After a long 11 weeks of various symptoms; off balance - like walking on a moving boat, brain fog, severe head pressire, fatigue,  ears feeling full, some of these symtoms subsided. However, suddenly along with balance issues I couldnt hold my head up, had chronic neck pain and started getting feelings like I  being dragged downwards, Tge dragging down feeling affects my head, my throat and my chest and continues when when I lie down The only trigger I notice is that it ONLY starts if i sit upright - sometimes after 20 mins and other times after a few hours - so I avoid sitting !  I am doing exercises to strengthen my neck and upper back muscles which has made it easier to hold my head up and has minimised my balance issues.


Does anyone know how I can resolve this feeling of gravity pully me too hard and what it could be that is causing it?


Many Thanks


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Hello Kirtsy! Did you get vaccinated recently?

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Hey Kirtsy I'm having the same exact problem as you!! Did you ever figure out what was the cause and how to fix it?

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@emly I have this too! Did you find out what caused it? Ambien CR ( zolpidem long term use) caused mine. Zolpidem along with other benzos/ non-benzos aka sleep drugs are vestibular suppressants. I pray to God that it will heal. I’m 26 months off the zolpidem and still quite debilitated. I hope someone sees this and respond.

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Hi! I don't know if this is what you guys have but I have p.o.t.s, I don't have the neck issues but it sounds like something my cousin has and she was diagnosed. Does your head feel squishy, like theres fluid under the skin? And is it hard to swallow like you don't produce enough saliva? If so than you should ask a doctor to check your brain because you might have access spinal fluid on your brain. I don't have that issue but getting dizzy after sitting and feeling like im being dragged down and like I'm walking on a ship is very common for me! I have nothing that would help other than trying to get up very slow as that is what I have to do now to prevent all of that. I would also keep track of your heart rates! mine is 108 when resting but p.o.t.s and other dysautonomias can cause your heart rate to fluxuate. I would definitely suggest seeing a doctor though as that's honestly not normal!



Disclaimer: I am not a doctor! please go see a doctor for a professional opinion. I can only tell you that it's not normal and that it most likely has nothing to do with taking vaccines and other things. 

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Hi everyone, I just wanted to come on here with a SUCCESS story as I was on this forum regularly about a year ago with all of the debilitating symptoms that changed my life overnight including POTS, high BP, neuropathy, severe vertigo and dizziness, new panic attacks, horrific new anxiety, palpitations, paranoia, claustrophobia, severe food sensitivities, insomnia, severe neck pain, nerve pain all over, tremors and tingles, odd sensations in my face, gallbladder and pancreas pain, awful awful awful and saw every specialist and had every test under the sun

I am doing GREAT and am feeling 100% as of May of 2022 (Had Pfizer shots summer of 2021, severe symptoms lasted August 2021-May 2022)

My advice is:

#1) Find yourself a functional/holistic medicine doctor, naturopathic doctor, cranial sacral/bodywork specialist/ therapist. You NEED someone to guide you with supplements and gentle detox protocols for YOU and they provide so much emotional support and are a wealth of knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.  They can run tests that regular useless docs cannot. I discovered I had underlying high toxicity from years of chemical exposure (hair salon, DIY projects, food, environmental), undiagnosed Lyme disease, parasites and mold exposure which I knew about (yes, very common and can cause debilitating symptoms that exacerbate Vax side effects, TMI I passed MANY visible parasites and still do on occasion, yikes but fascinating!) and had poor methylation and liver function and estrogen dominance plus now the added burden on my immune system of a vaccine that my body simply could not tolerate 

#2) DNRS or Gupta training. If you are experiencing odd symptoms especially neurological chances are your brain/limbic system is impaired and you are in fight or flight/sympathetic dominance and you cannot heal in this state easily. Covid and the vaccines are triggers for brain impairment and this explains the “mystery symptoms”, the brain is overreacting and controls the immune, detox, endocrine, adrenals, heart etc etc. This was the MAIN THING that healed me! Watch YouTube testimonials under “Retrain the brain” or look into the Gupta program

#3) Follow accounts on Instagram that will inspire your journey. (Dr. Charlie Fagenholz 2.0, Dr. CalvinNg from the Cohn Institute, Paola Xhuli, Dr. Cassie Huckaby, Dr. Motley, Dr. Stanton Hom, etc.)They prove that the body and mind can heal and a lot of them take clients virtually 

I followed parasite and mold protocols, chemical toxicity protocols, saw a holistic chiropractor, holistic naturopath, holistic functional medicine doc/cranial sacral therapist. It took time but DNRS really kicked my healing to gear within weeks. Find your team of people that resonate with you that can help but YOU CAN HEAL!!

I hope this helps and never give up! Xo -Marie