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Gravity Pull - sensation of a giant magnet dragging me down

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Hi All,

I would love to hear from anyone who thinks they may have similar symptoms and who has had a diagnosis/treatment.

After a long 11 weeks of various symptoms; off balance - like walking on a moving boat, brain fog, severe head pressire, fatigue,  ears feeling full, some of these symtoms subsided. However, suddenly along with balance issues I couldnt hold my head up, had chronic neck pain and started getting feelings like I  being dragged downwards, Tge dragging down feeling affects my head, my throat and my chest and continues when when I lie down The only trigger I notice is that it ONLY starts if i sit upright - sometimes after 20 mins and other times after a few hours - so I avoid sitting !  I am doing exercises to strengthen my neck and upper back muscles which has made it easier to hold my head up and has minimised my balance issues.


Does anyone know how I can resolve this feeling of gravity pully me too hard and what it could be that is causing it?


Many Thanks


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Hello Kirtsy! Did you get vaccinated recently?