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Poland - Problem with getting diagnosis

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My name is Zuzanna and I live in Poland. I am writing to you, becouse like so far your side and community has been biggest help for me in diagnosing of my problem...
... and speaking of the diagnosing I can not get any official and accurate one! Where I live, which is Poland, there is very little known about vestibular issues. I have been to several ent doctors and all of them are saying they dont know what is causing my symptoms. My symptoms are: one day out of blue woke up with veritgo and nusea and outbalanced with loud tinnitus. And later tests showed hearing loss for high frequencies (they did me steroids shots, shich didnt restored hearing). Since then I did MRI test (clear) and VNG one (55% loss on my right side at affected ear). And its pretty much it. Labyrinthitis fit the profile very much for me, but every doctor I spoke about it they didnt know this illness. Some of them indicated that maybe its vestibular neurotis... but excluded that becouse of the hearing loss for high frequencies. So that's how my situation is looking now. No official diagnosis. No help from any side. I feel hopless and worried of my life. Also we have no VRT centres here which lives me all alone on my own. I wonder if by any chances you provide any help for people suffering around the globe. I feel like you are the only place in universe which can help me.... or some of you here on group can share with me experiences, vrt anything what may be helpful for me to go through this. Becouse as you see I fight on my own ;(
I am ill since 22 of May 2021, was starting to feel better weeks ago but last week had vertigo flare up and again hopless and worried.
Hope I will get some answers from  you,
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Have you had covid vaccine before all this happened? If yes ,  there is a hole 400 page long topic on the same issues you have described after the covid vaccine

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I ,along with many of us here can certainly relate to your frustration. Your symptoms are very similar to mine. I woke up one day with vertigo and about 16 years later I still have my balance issues along with fatigue. I don't get vertigo often but a sensation that vertigo will start but doesn't. I live in the USA and it took months of testing and going to various specialists that all seem to agree this all started with a viral infection,thus giving me vestibular neuritis. Also,have BPPV that means crystals in my inner ear get out of position and ENT does the Epley maneuver. If you can get some help with vestibular rehab this may help you.We all know this is one very difficult diagnosis and many of us here in the USA also get very frustrated getting a proper diagnosis. Hope I was some help. You certainly found an excellent source of helping you understand what is going on by becoming a VeDa member, Best wishes. Keep us posted.

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