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Plausibility of eczema induced CVA in combination with GERD after gallbladder removal

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Patient (aged in low thirties) has presented itchy skin about 3 years ago with no further symptoms or visible signs of skin disorders. About 1 year ago patient developed chronic dry cough which decreased in severity upon quitting smoking. Patient was diagnosed with cholecystitis upon biliary obstruction caused by large gallstone. After laparoscopic cholecystectomy patient developed peritonitis and was treated with antibiotics for about 3 weeks and successive treatment with gut microbiota to rebuild the gut biome. About 2 months after the surgery the patient presented sharp stomach pains after meals which was diagnosed as gastric ulcer with no further testing and treated with proton pump inhibitors. The patient reacted well to the medication but still complains about unusual belching, light stomach pain after meals and frequent diarrhoea. Stool sample test for helicobacter pylori turned out negative. Shortly after the patient started to develop visible eczema on the entire body and was told to treat with cortisone cream. The chronic cough also started to flare up again after the patient started smoking again.

Online research turned up a possible links between GERD and asthma and asthma and eczema. So my theory is that the patient started developing eczema years ago, which aided progression in mild cough variant asthma (family history of asthma present). While patient may have developed GERD as result of the surgery or aided by CVA. Neither GERD nor CVA have been diagnosed by a medical professional so far. Axial hiatus hernia has been dismissed by a gastrointestinal expert without further examination or imaging.

Full list of symptoms:

  • Chronic dry cough (also at night)
  • Belching
  • Heartburn after meals
  • Shortness of breath
  • Diarrhoea
  • Itchy and dry red marks of various sizes on the whole body

Does combination of CVA&GERD sound plausible? Which tests should be performed to confirm/dismiss this theory?

Thank you!