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[Solved] Pppd

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Hello I'm from Texas and trying to find a doctor near dallas tx to treat my pppd this is very depressing and its really messing up my life! Please help if anyone knows a doctor that can help 

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I found Janene Holmberg's presentation this morning, fantastic. I had never heard the term PPPD, before, and was amazed as to how much the symptoms I have matched the symptoms discussed.

I have been suffering with this since June last year.

My questions, do you know of any specialists in the PPPD field in Australia? hopefully in Perth.

Is it possible to have remote consultations by video?

Thanks again

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You are lucky to be in Dallas. Everyone loves Dr. Shin Beh.

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You can use VeDA's provider directory to search for a neurologist: /.

Feel free to contact VeDA's Community Support Coordinator for help at [email protected] or (800) 837-8428.