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What easier way to support VeDA than by doing what you would already do anyway - shop!

VeDA's books

VeDA has two books available for sale on Amazon. (Don't forget to shop AmazonSmile!)


Purchase VeDA branded items with designs such as "Dizzy-Not-Drunk" and the VeDA logo.

A portion of what your purchases at the following outlets will be donated to VeDA. 

For your purchases to qualify for a donation to VeDA you can either start at this page and link to a participating retailer like Amazon, or download the GoodApp so that a portion of every purchase you make at a participating retailer is donated to VeDA.


Earn money for VeDA while you search the Internet. All you need to do is register with GoodSearch and select VeDA as your designated charity.


Support VeDA every time you shop online by going through! They will donate up to 20% of any purchase you make at thousands of stores online, and offer deal at Lands' End, Bed Bath and Beyond, Orbitz, and many more! Just sign up and select Vestibular Disorders Association as your nonprofit. 

Amazon Smile

You can shop Amazon Smile and a portion of the proceeds will go to VeDA. How cool is that?!

Just go to and select "Vestibular Disorders Association" as your charity. Call us at (800) 837-8428 if you have questions or need help.

Medical Alert ID

Afraid that you'll have a vertigo attack while you're out shopping and no one will know what to do? Or maybe your lack of balance or diminished cognitive function is misinterpreted as intoxication. You may benefit from having a medical ID bracelet or necklace that tells others you are a vestibular patient with special needs.

Hope Paige logoChoose from a selection of bracelets or design your own! Necklaces and wristwatches are also available.  Designs feature the medical symbol and different options allow for 2 or more lines of engraved text for you to customize as necessary.  Choose your engraved options to let people know what you are experiencing and how to help you.  Please see below for some suggestions: 
(3 line option)
Vestibular Patient
Dizziness, brain fog,
(4 line option)
More info:
(6 line option)
Brain Fog
Additional Options:
  • Replace above symptoms with others that are applicable to you, e.g. imbalance, tinnitus, etc.
  • Replace "vestibular patient" with your specific diagnosis (e.g. Meniere's Disease, Vestibular Migraine, BPPV)
  • Add a statement about what you need, e.g. "Help me sit in quiet"


Bravelets™ bracelets are worn to help you be strong and brave in tough situations. $10 from each bravelet is donated to VeDA if you purchase through this page.

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