Sustaining Circle Members

Community of Support to Defeat DizzinessMembers of VeDA's Sustaining Circle provide reliable funding for VeDA to carry out our mission throughout the year by making a monthly gift. To join the Sustaining Circle, or learn more about supporting VeDA through membership, click here

VeDA sincerely thanks our Sustaining Circle Members:

Mrs. Ludmila Albani Ribeiro

Ms. LeClaire Arcadia

Dr. Coral Armstrong

Mr. Scott Audette

Mr. Ed Bagby

Mr. Robert Barber

Ms. Robin Bashford Brown

Ms. Brenda Berger

Mr. Paul Burnside

Mr. David Calabrese

Mr. Robert Carroll

Ms. Terree Cassens

Mr. Jeffrey Choun

Ms. Catherine Ciarrocchi

Mr. Barry Cole

Mr. Dinsdale Compton

Ms. Nancy Comstock

Mr. Clifford Coss

Mrs. Betty Cress

Mrs. Agnes De Vries

Ms. Tami DeVaney

Mr. Joseph DeVerna

Mr. Patrick Dugan

Mrs. Theresa Dunagan

Ms. Christina Falcon

Ms. Diane Garcia

Ms. Louise Geib

Ms. Susan Gillette

Ms. Judy Graessle

Mrs. Traci Graham

Rev. Christine Haggerty

Ms. Margaret Hewett

Mr. Don Hickey

Mr. Douglas Huffman

Mrs. Jennifer Husak

Mrs. Debra Hutton

Mr. Alfred Izzarone

Ms. Cynthia Killam

Mrs. Lisa Kovatch

Mrs. Amy Kuch

Mrs. Debra Ladvienka

Mr. Robert Leise

Mrs. Mayte Lozano-Chapa

Ms. Maria Lubrano

Mrs. Jean McGovern

Ms. Carole Merritt

Dr. Nematollah Mokhtari Amir Majdi

Mrs. Eugenia Murray-McGinnis

Mrs. Karen Nissen

Mr. David Oppenheim

Mr. Michael Pair

Mr. John Phillips

Dr. Ellen Picard

Mrs. Temple Plain

Mr. James Prevor

Ms. Deborah Richardson

Ms. Rebecca Rubin

Mr. Orlando Sanchez

Mr. Theodore Santarsiero

Ms. Patti Scott

Ms. Kimberly Sheahan

Ms. Rose Simpson

Mr. Jeffery Smolinski

Mr. Richard Tenebaum

Ms. Janis Thompson

Mrs. Cindy Tidwell

Mr. Adam True

Mr. Steve Wachtel

Mrs. Cynthia Wade

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