Sustaining Circle Supporters

Community of Support to Defeat DizzinessMembers of VeDA's Sustaining Circle provide reliable funding for VeDA to carry out our mission throughout the year by making a monthly gift. To join the Sustaining Circle, or learn how you can help VeDA make a difference, click here

VeDA sincerely thanks our Sustaining Circle Members:

Mrs. Rachel Ackerman

Dr. Coral Armstrong

Mr. Irfan Aziz

Mrs. Lauren Baccetti-Eck

Norman & Florence Baker

Ms. Luanne Baldridge

Ms. Susan Birch

Ms. Carolyn Bourg

Ms. Pamela Bruns

Mr. Paul Burnside

Ms. Laura Cala

Mr. David Calabrese

Mr. Dinsdale Compton

Mr. Clifford Coss

Mrs. Betty Cress

Mrs. Theresa Dunagan

Ms. Johanna Fanara

Ms. Jeanne Frost

Ms. Louise B Geib

Ms. J Segar S Gravatt

Ms. Mary Graves

Rev. Christine Haggerty

Mrs. Jannelle L Hamilton

Mr. Douglas Huffman

Mrs. Jen M Husak

Ms. Debra Hutton

Mr. Alfred L Izzarone

Ms. Carole Jerd

Ms. Khristy Jesse

Mr. Peter Jurgensen

Ms. Cynthia K Killam

Ms. Cynthia K Killam

Mrs. Amy A Kuch

Mrs. Debra Ladvienka

Mrs. Evelyn Lee

Ms. Maria C Lubrano

Mr. Kamal Kishore Mantri

Mr. Patrick Matre

Mrs. Jean McGovern

Ms. Donna McKamy

Ms. Dianne Montances

Mrs. Eugenia Murray-McGinnis

Mr. Gilbert Myers

Ms. Kay C Ohana

Mr. Michael Pair

Mr. John M Phillips

Ms. Michelle Prusinowski

Ms. Elvira Rice

Ms. Deborah C Richardson

Ms. Rebecca Rubin

Ms. Ann Rybak

Ms. Gloria A Sagarsee

Ms. Rose Simpson

Mr. Jeffery J Smolinski

Mr. Steven Spears

Ms. Michele Stack

Ms. Kareen W Stockton

Mrs Julie Summerfield

Mr. Randolph G Szabla

Ms. Georgina Villeneuve

Ms. Sherri Watts

Mrs. Lynne York

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