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Why am I dizzy?

Dizziness and imbalance can have both vestibular and non-vestibular causes. The inner ear vestibular organs signal to your brain whether you are moving and how your head is oriented relative to gravity. Your brain then integrates these signals with those received from your eyes, muscles, and joints. When any part of the vestibular system malfunctions, this process of integration breaks down, and dizziness and other symptoms may result. (See our chart for a detailed illustration of how the balance system works.) Medical evaluation from a qualified vestibular specialist is essential for determining whether your dizziness is caused by a vestibular problem, some other cause, or a combination of factors. (Return to the top of this page.)

How do I find medical help? What kind of specialist do I need?

Diagnosis and treatment are not always straightforward for vestibular disorders. Vestibular disorders can affect a person in many ways and are often unpredictable, occurring on a constant or intermittent basis. If you’ve reviewed our list of symptoms and suspect you may have a vestibular disorder, or have already been diagnosed but want a second opinion, you can use VEDA’s provider directory to find a health professional that can provide appropriate diagnostic testing. See our list of specialties for more information. (Return to the top of this page.)

What is vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT)?

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) is a type of physical therapy that helps train the central nervous system to compensate for vestibular dysfunction. Our publication, Vestibular Rehabilitation—An Effective, Evidence-based Treatment, discusses VRT in more detail. Studies examining the effect of VRT strongly demonstrate its effectiveness in decreasing symptoms of dizziness and imbalance. (Return to the top of this page.)

What home-based exercises should I do?

Please see our page on home-based exercises. VEDA does not recommend doing vestibular exercises at home without a medical diagnosis and a personal treatment plan from a qualified physical or occupational therapist. All vestibular disorders are not the same, and a treatment that will help one person can harm another. (Return to the top of this page.)

What medications should I take? What about nutritional supplements or remedies?

Medication is a short-term strategy because it dampens symptoms, making it more difficult for the brain to learn to compensate for vestibular dysfunction. However, for people in an acute stage of dizziness, medication is sometimes used. The kind of medication you are prescribed depends on your medical history and diagnosis.See our page on medications used to treat vestibular disorders for more information.

No nutritional supplement or other remedy has been clinically shown to improve symptoms of vestibular dysfunction. Before adding such substances to your diet, it is vital to check with your doctor about potentially harmful effects, especially if you are taking prescription drugs. It's also important to use extra caution because supplements are not subject to the same stringent standards as drugs. The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is a helpful resource for consumer tips for evaluating supplements and remedies. (Return to the top of this page.)

I need support and help with coping. What are my options?

Visit our 'Finding Help & Support' page for information on of face-to-face support groups for vestibular disorders. Unfortunately, there are many locations where no such support groups exist. We encourage everyone to join us on our Facebook page, where people with vestibular disorders from all over the world gather to share information and support. (Return to the top of this page.)

I want to travel. What precautions should I take?

Problematic travel conditions include those that involve exposure to rapid altitude or pressure changes, certain motion patterns, or disturbing lighting. Precautions depend on your specific vestibular disorder, transportation method, and conditions and planned activities at your destination. More information about these factors, as well as strategies and practical tips for managing them, are available in our free short publication, Travel and Vestibular Disorders. This article especially emphasizes the challenges of air travel and includes a table with flying recommendations for most common vestibular disorders. (Return to the top of this page.)

Anatomy of the ear - what does it look like?

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What are the benefits and costs of membership and how do I sign up?

One of the most enriching benefits of membership is becoming part of an online community of people who understand what it’s like to have a vestibular disorder. You also receive a complementary subscription to VEDA’s quarterly newsletter, On the Level, with information about vestibular research, rehabilitation, and more! Best of all, you’ll be helping VEDA promote awareness for the challenges of dealing with a vestibular problem.

VEDA offers a professional membership for medical professionals, which includes a free listing on our popular provider directory, free samples of some of our publications, and the opportunity to list workshops and classes in our online calendar of events.

For more information about becoming a member of VEDA, including membership fees, click here. (Return to the top of this page.)

What is the difference between dues and donations?

Membership dues entitle you to all of VEDA’s free membership benefits. If you are an individual and donate at least $40 in a given year, VEDA will provide you with a complimentary membership, unless you specify otherwise.

Donations are gifts instead of or above and beyond your membership dues. Many members and non-members make additional gifts to VEDA one or more times per year to support our mission and help us reach out to the millions of people suffering from inner ear balance disorders. Every gift counts, and no gift is too small.

Click here if you would like to make a gift to VEDA. Thank you! (Return to the top of this page.)


How do I add my clinic to your provider directory of vestibular disorder specialists?

To be listed in the provider directory, you must be a VEDA professional member with current dues. Professional members may submit information online (see instructions below) or print out and return the provider directory form. If you are not yet a professional member you can subscribe online or mail an order form with your check or credit card information.

If you already have a professional membership and are NOT currently listed in our provider directory, following the following instructions:

  1. Go to & click on “Register (upper right)
  2. Follow instructions to create a website account.
  3. Your “User Name” will appear when you make comments in the “Members Forum.” If you wish to remain anonymous in the “Members Forum” enter a “User Name” that is NOT your real name.
  4. If you are an existing member, enter the email associated with your membership so that your website account is linked to your membership record.
  5. Go to “My Account”
  6. Select the “Provider Listing” tab
  7. Select “Create a Provider Listing”
  8. Enter your “Provider Listing Title” as you would like it to appear in our directory (e.g. “My Name, PhD”).
  9. Enter other information as appropriate. You may want to upload an image of yourself, enter your professional certifications, etc.
  10. Select from a drop down menu of provider specialties. To select more than one specialty select one and press “Ctrl”, then select another.
  11. You may want to add a description of your practice (this can be anything you want to say about yourself).
  12. Enter the locations of the clinic(s) where you practice.
  13. You can enter up to three (3) clinic locations.
  14. Select “Save”
  15. Note: Your listing will not be published until it is reviewed and approved. A VEDA customer service representative will review your listing within 3 days.

If you already have a professional membership and ARE currently listed in our provider directory, follow steps 1-4 above, then contact a customer service representative - make sure to let us know what "user name" you entered when creating your website account. We will give you permissions that will allow you to edit your listing, then you can continue with the above instructions (steps 5-15) to edit your listing.

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How many practice locations can I include in my provider directory listing and how can I add more?

You may list up to three practice locations where you physically see patients. You can do so online using your website login. Please contact a customer service represenatative if you need assistance (by phone at 800.837.8428 or email at (Return to the top of this page.)

Where can I find professional development opportunities?

We maintain a frequently updated calendar that lists conference and training events specifically focused on helping professionals develop expertise in diagnosing and treating vestibular disorders. (Return to the top of this page.)

I teach courses or am organizing a conference. How do I add my event to your calendar?

For information about how to submit an event, see the instructions at the top of our calendar. We confine our listings to conferences of interest to vestibular health care professionals and training opportunities provided by VEDA professional members. If you are not yet a professional member you can subscribe online or mail an order form with your check or credit card information. (Return to the top of this page.)


How can I order publications?

Many of VEDA’s publications are available free online. Hard copies of our short publications may be purchased by printing and mailing an order form with payment to VEDA. Copies of VEDA's books - Balancing Act, BPPV - What You Need to Know, and Ménière’s Disease - What You Need to Know - as well as our DVD, which includes segments on managing symptoms, cognitive & psychological impacts, diagnosis & treatment, can be purchased from our online store. (Return to the top of this page.)

Will you mail materials to a friend/family member who does not have Internet access?

Yes. To request that we mail a printed membership brochure and a list of publication titles to a specific address, contact us by e-mail, mail, toll-free voice mail, or fax. Please be sure to provide the recipient’s complete name, address, zip code, and country (if outside the US), as well as a phone number and e-mail to help us reach you if we have mailing difficulties. (Return to the top of this page.)

May I make copies of your short publications to distribute or reproduce your content on my website?

Our growing list of free short publications may be freely distributed in print. Anyone is welcome to directly link to our webpages or free short publications, but we do not give permission to reproduce them online with the exception of short quotes (see our permissions guide). Thank you for respecting our copyright. (Return to the top of this page.)


What type of payment do you accept? Can I order in non-US currencies?

VEDA accepts credit cards and checks. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. To pay by check, please mail an order form to us. VEDA accepts payment by check in US dollars (USD) and through verified credit card payments with international credit cards. (Return to the top of this page.)

There was a problem with my credit card transaction; what should I do?

For billing questions, please contact VEDA by e-mail or by phone at (800) 837-8428. (Return to the top of this page.)

What is VEDA's policy on returns?

All sales of membership subscriptions and publications are final. If you receive the wrong item or it is damaged upon receipt, please contact VEDA within 3 days of receipt by e-mail or by using our toll-free voice mail at (800) 837-8428. No return will be authorized after 3 days. Credit will be applied only after the product has been received, inspected, and compared with the original order. VEDA is not responsible for lost mail or refunding a purchase returned without identification. (Return to the top of this page.)

Do you refund shipping charges?

We refund shipping charges if:

  1. We ship an incorrect product, or
  2. If we ship a broken or defective product.

If we re-ship a product in these cases, we do not add another shipping charge. (Return to the top of this page.)

Do you offer bulk discounts on publications?

Bulk discount pricing is available for bundles of 25 or more of a single title for short publications. Please see the bulk-discount price schedule on our order form. (Return to the top of this page.)

Sponsorship & Advertising Policy

To further our mission VEDA, accepts advertising and sponsorship under strict guidelines. We will refuse any advertisement that we believe is incompatible with our mission. The presence of an ad on our site or in one of our newsletters does not imply endorsement of the advertised company or product. Advertisers and sponsors must not make unsubstantiated health claims or suggest VEDA has endorsed a product. 

VEDA maintains a distinct separation between advertising content and editorial content. All advertising content on VEDA’s website or in one of our newsletters is clearly labeled as an advertisement. Sponsored areas of the site are labeled as such, and the sponsoring organizations are identified.

For more detailed information about advertising and sponsorship click here.