Patient Spotlights

The Vestibular Patient Experience

Vestibular disorders are invisible. You look fine on the outside, but inside you’re struggling with a myriad of debilitating symptoms. It’s easy to feel like you’re alone, and no one understands what you’re going through.

Reading about others who have been in your shoes can validate your experience and give you tips on what to expect and how to deal with it.

You can also share your story to spread hope and increase awareness about what it’s like to live with vestibular dysfunction.

Balanced Frame of Mind

In January of 2019, my life seemed perfect. I was recently married, enjoying life, planning for a wholesome future but then, my life started to change. I was training for a half marathon and started


Losing my balance, finding my career

Like many of the individuals who have generously shared their experience on this spotlight, I distinctly recall the date in which I became ill: December 29, 2020. I woke up and struggled to get out


Jays story

My story began on February 28, 2021. After a nice dinner out with my wife and daughter we returned home. Once we got home I sat on the couch and started to watch TV not


When your world is turned upside down!

In 2016 my world changed drastically from a high functioning individual to someone who struggles to keep on top of daily errands. I was repeatedly turned away by Doctors who suggested it was all in


Vertigo episodes

I am a healthy 50-year-old woman with no previous history of vertigo or dizziness. I woke up in the middle of the night with the room spinning. I didn’t know what was happening. I turned


Vertigo and Covid Vaccine

December 2015 First time I had vertigo. I woke up drenched and threw up and had an upset stomach. The paramedics took me to the hospital and I was diagnosed with vertigo. After four days


Jen Husak – Vestibular Warrior

IMAGINE LIVING LIFE WITHOUT BALANCE. No really. Close your eyes and stand on one foot. It’s hard right? Now imagine having that same disorienting feeling on two feet, and with your eyes open. Balance is


Sue H

My vertigo journey began around Christmas 2020 where I couldn't roll out of bed without a whirlwind of dizziness. Thinking it was an inner ear virus as I've had vertigo before, my primary doctor who


Julie S. + Brain Injury

“My vestibular experience started following a traumatic brain injury suffered in a car accident. I immediately felt off balance and disconnected. I went to the emergency room, where they discounted the possibility of a brain



I am not a writer and typing this will be difficult. Please excuse bad punctuation, thank God for Spellcheck. I do not wish to bore anyone with my unleashing of feelings. I was always a


Kimberly Warner

Mal de Débarquement Syndrome (MdDS) throws people off balance in every aspect of their lives. In Kimberly Warner’s case, MdDS derailed her thriving career as a filmmaker and photographer. Her award-winning work was published in


Carol A DeLillo

My journey with vestibular disturbances began in 1979 when I was diagnosed with ( Otosclerosis) in my right ear along with tinnitus, hearing loss and dizziness. I had a successful stapedectomy performed in 1980 with