Volunteers – Tell Us What You’re Doing

Thanks for volunteering with VeDA! We want to hear about what you’re doing to raise awareness about vestibular disorders and support people who are struggling with these invisible conditions. Your stories are inspiring, so don’t be shy! It’s also helpful to document the number of unpaid volunteer hours that have helped VeDA achieve its mission. Don’t feel like you have to be exact; estimates are OK.

How to Use this Form

Please use this form each time you complete a volunteer project for VeDA.

If you’re working on an ongoing volunteer project that spans several days, or weeks, you only need to submit one form for the entire project. Mention your start date in the “Project Description” field. You can also use this form to report hours you have spent attending committee meetings, sharing social media posts, creating a peer-to-peer fundraising page, etc.


Contact us at [email protected].