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My grandpa is experiencing symptoms since being vaccinated...please help!

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Hello everyone, I joined this site solely to open this thread because our family is lost and needs answers.. My grandpa, in his 70's- a very healthy and active man, has in the last few months been experiencing severe dizziness, loss of balance, loss of appetite, and some cognitive impairment.

My grandpa has always been a very active person. Before the dizziness he loved going outside, walking his dogs, watching/feeding the birds, and much more. Now, he is a different person.. He doesn't get out of bed much and if he does he only sits up in his chair and watches the television. 

Recently, he was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease which shocked us all. We weren't aware there was any sort of issue with his kidneys. It seemed to come out of no-where..but these symptoms don't seem to match up with the kidney disease.

He experiences severe dizziness and loss of balance, but the two don't seem to be related to one another. When he says he isn't dizzy, he's losing his balance and falling over. He has almost completely stopped eating, he'll only eat something here or there, he says he's in pain but it seems like it's his whole body that's hurting. And lastly, my grandpa is a certified genius, probably the smartest man I've ever known but lately he's simply not "all there". He gets confused and forgets things more often..

My fear is that his body had some sort of reaction with the moderna vaccine he received 8 months prior.... Is this possible? After reading through the forums on this site, I realized a lot of people who received the vaccine are also experiencing similar symptoms.. It had me very concerned so I forwarded the forums to my mom who then sent it to my grandpa's nurse with our concerns. The nurse came back and said that the J&J vaccine was the only one with such reported symptoms and that he didn't receive that one so they weren't going to look into it.. but these forums have recipients from each vaccine, it doesn't seem to be vaccine specific..

How do I find a doctor that will listen to our vaccine concerns? It seems like each day he's getting worse, he has an appointment set but it's 2 whole weeks out. I'm scared I'm going to lost my grandpa, please, does anyone have any helpful information or suggestions? Thank you for taking the time to read.

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You indicated his vaccine was 8 months ago, when did he symptoms start? Most of what I've read and experienced, the symptoms from the vaccine start relatively soon after the first or second shot. I'm 8 months out from my 2nd jab and all symptoms have dissipated.