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Weird dizziness feeling. 13 years!

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Hello everyone!

i come on here to seek some opinions on what im about to share and honestly as a way to find some closure. So at the age of 17 i was sitting on a chair when i suddenly got a overwhelming feeling of dizzyness and the feeling of nearly fainting. I panicked and got up from the chair and couldnt really stay in one place or have balance and honestly i dont have any more words to describe it. It was very intense with dizziness to the point i was bed ridden for about two weeks. No pain. I then went to kaiser a few weeks later because the dizziness never went away, although it reduced in intensity. It impacted me in a lot of ways especially since i was in school feeling all dizzy and the only way i can describe it is a dull/dizzy/heavy feeling in the back of my head only! To this day i still have this sensation that i cant even find words to describe but it is so annoying and it impacts my energy,reading/focusing at times and sometimes makes my eyes feel heavy. Due to that event, it makes me very sensitive to motion. Then again, it could be an entirely other thing but im now convinced it is connected to vertigo etc. The reason im back on trying to find out what it is(because i learned to cope with it for years with permanent sensation) because last week i had almost an identical severe vertigo event that had me on the floor literally unable to move because if i did id go in circles and start throwing up. I eventually went to the ER and did a CT scan and nothing showed up? I woulda thought maybe something related to my ears would showed up. Also when i was 17 they did a cr scan and mri with dye and nothing!And here i am! I hear a chiropractor can perform certain techniques which i want to try. Any ideas?

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Hi, I have been facing the issue of dizziness for six years. It was difficult for me in my college days to attend 5 hrs a day. I could not write my exams even properly. I was panicked like something going to happen to me. Can you suggest any chiropractor for me?

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Thanks to everyone for useful information

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I recommend seeing a neurologist and they may be able to help with vestibular therapy. I pray that things get better!