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Auto correct :

  • Their Diagnosis was 100% SFN (Small Fiber Neuropathy)


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Correction on my Diet:

  •  Diet
    • Never had white flour ( since 10 years ago) so continued the same
    • Reduced whole wheat ( I love Whole wheat breads) because of gluten
    • Nuts ( Walnut, Pecan, Almond , Cashew, ...)
    • Stopped Orange and Tangerine
    • More Salmon + Vegetables
    • 2  fried eggs with olive oil + Pinch of turmeric
    • Hot 100% dark chocolate + teaspoon of honey 
    • Baked Lentils + Lots of Olive Oil
    • Smoothie : Banana + Beet + Honey + Cinnamon + Sesame seed    
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Posted by: @karaes

Hi all,

I’ve been double vaccinated for 4 months now. Initial symptoms included tingling, buzzing and burning sensations throughout my body. I’ve gone through some horrible times and I’m so glad that they’re over now, however I still haven’t fully recovered.

I’ve recently been dealing with cold sensations in certain parts of my body, such a inner thighs, forearms, breasts and the roof of my mouth. For example, when I feel the roof of my mouth with my tongue, it feels cold but when I touch it with my fingers, it feels normal. I’ve asked my partner to feel my arms and such and he says that they feel the same as the other parts of my body. At this point I feel like I’m losing my mind.

I just wanted to ask if anyone else has experienced something similar. I’m really dreading going to the doctors because they have all blamed it on anxiety, so definitely not excited to hear the same answer for the 3rd time.

I get the cold limbs from time to time. Even when it's really hot Hy hands and feet to me feel like I've but apparently when I ask anyone else to touch my skin they say it feels normal temperature. Hot baths seems to help get my hands and feet to warm up.

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Posted by: @steske

If you’re in the UK. Sign this petition:

I signed it.

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I sent you a public post but I can't find it.. it must be on a different veda forum.. 

I presume this is the link

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Did you have a skin biopsy for your SFN. So now what? Will it go away? Any recommendations/thoughts from the doctor? Why did you stop oranges and tangerines - the sugar?

My symptoms sound very much like yours. I have a skin biopsy scheduled for July. 
Best wishes for continued recovery. Sorry for all the questions.

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  • No Skin Biopsy, she (the neurologist) was sure this is SFN, she just asked for Blood and Urine tests, which all of them came healthy!
  • She just mentioned the process of healing takes time and she was hopeful because my left foot got better 95%
  • Citrus fruit (Orange and tangerine, ..) : I was started taking those daily (because of Vitamin C and Fiber) however I notice my SFN flares up on those nights which I had Orange or Tangerine 
  • I don't consume much sugar or sugary products, however I believe sugar will trigger the SFN too, I am using Honey (RAW and Unfiltered with my coffee, tea, smoothie, ..)

Hope you (and all of us) get better soon, be hopeful and be active (moderate exercise).

(They made $ Billion from the Vax, and we just wast part of their clinical trail test! I know there are so many people with more severe problems, hope they get better and recover too.)

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I don’t want to write too soon but just wanted to share that I am feeling so much better. I have had so many problems since 1 Pfizer jab last June.  Started with waking up the night of jab with massive panic attacks & hot shooting sensations going from my neck down my arms… had this most nights for quite a while as well as tensing

muscles & neck jerks, few days later tingling started in my hands & feet which spread all over my body (this lasted continuously for 6 months) I had an electrical currant/buzzing feeling all through body, internal vibrations, constant buzzing pelvic area but also felt in stomach, chest, back, neck & head (brain & eyes)! Felt like bed moving/shaking when laying down, Shaky movements - when doing things with arms etc, wobbly feeling when walking, weak legs, shaky vision (like straight objects wobbly), when the tingling started to wear off the sensations changed to muscle twitching, waves of goosebump feeling with none actually on the skin, tight skin feeling like Chinese burns on right leg & arm, also dead leg feeling right leg & arm, hot drips feeling on shins, stinging burning feet & legs, ice cold like menthol burning inside limbs, face, lower back, prickling / tickling feeling on skin, I was so worried this all meant it was getting worse but now thinking maybe signs of healing. Also suffered racing heart, palpitations, Insomnia, depression & major anxiety feelings, no appetite, weightloss, unsure if bought on coz of what I was going through or if another reaction As I know many others have felt the same. I was put on mirtazapine antidepressants last sept to help with sleep & get appetite back, I recently tapered off to see how my body was without any drugs. Been off 6/7 weeks now. 

I still have a very mild inside buzzing mainly in my feet & calves & a weak feeling in right arm & leg. Jab was left arm so not sure why right side affected more. Slightly achy leg muscles too. 


I’ve had MRI & full bloods & all that’s shown up is low D.

1/4 GPs agreed possible nerve inflammation 3/4 said anxiety! Neurologist thought neuropathy & offered medication but I refused & agreed to give more time as hope nerves will heal. No nerve tests carried out but I’m sure it’s the nerves that have gone haywire to the poison injected into my body. I am so glad I didn’t have any more & never will have.

Supplements that may have helped along the way…

Vit c & d



Alpha lipoic


Glycine - I have felt much better since I started these & the magnesium & alpha lipoic 


I also took cetirizine antihistamine nearly every day for quite a few months. May have given me dry eyes unless that’s another thing from jab.

I’m sure I have missed things that I had but I am just so glad to not be controlled by it all now & be living without the burning / prickling pain etc. I can handle the mild buzzing & will still live in hope that it will all be gone soon. 


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Hello everyone.

I decided to write here after a long time lurking.

I want to report my situation and hope to find advice.

I vaccinated (Pfizer) in July 2021
a few days later I felt a mild numbling in left hand and foot. Sometimes feeling vibration inside, and feeling the heart beat in the hand.
When crossing legs, I felt like electrical shock a couple of times.
Later on, I also felt numbling in the left side of the face a few days.

Took some neuronal suppliments as well as NAC.
Within two months, it was mostly gone, but after stopping taking them, in a couple of days I felt numbling again.

Anyway, I did the 2nd Pfizer in September.
5-6 days later i experienced a huge pain in the left of the abdomen one morning. It fade out in 30 minutes and never appeared again.
No noticeable changes, all under control.

Suddenly in November I started having a strange heartbeat, which turned out to be extrasystoles.
I was diagnosed as stress, and immediately quit any alcohol. In a couple of months disappeared, but tachycardia stayed.
I have been feeling like 20 years older, experiencing fatigue for no reason.
A few times, when standing up after sitting on the floor, I experienced kind of grey vision.

Symptoms overall improved in February/March (6 months after the 2nd), but since April, they came back.
Even had some episodes of the supposed "brain fog", I guess. Thinking of something, then thinking of something else and immediately forgetting what was the previous thought.
I did MRI to the heart and found that it is fine, implying that an external factor (the autonomic nerve) may be the cause.
Then I did a peripheral neuropathy test and found nothing. All they found was inflammation in the blood test.

I was given B12, and I started NAC again, and I felt better although not continuously.

But at this point it's almost one year since the 1st Pfizer and I am increasingly anxious:
I have new symptoms now. Involuntary contractions of muscles at night, numbling spreading on the right side, and lack of breath at the moment of sleeping, which keeps me awake and makes me feel additionally tired in the morning. Extrasystoles came back. I had a couple of nights of nausea as well.

An additional visit to a Long COVID specialised doctor indicated that my pancreas showed some pain and needs to be checked by ecography. I reconnected this fact to the belly pain of that day. That doctor also prescribed some remedies for nose and gastric acid, as he said that every cause of inflammation may be reflected in the brain, which will on cascade have a bad effect on the nerves as well. I'm not so convinced.
I just started to get Ibuprofen (by my own decision) to reduce inflammation and see what happens.

On these forums I saw some diagnoses as "small fiber neuropathy".
As it seems to be a degenerative disease, it's scaring the hell out of me. I also know that my anxiety over the situation makes the things worse but it's hard to keep focused and positive.
I contacted a neurology-specialised hospitals but reservations are full for a couple of months.
I think I need to act quickly as I am scared of this unexpected decay.
I feel relieved when I read that others recover up to 90%. So what is my case?? What if it will target other organs? What should I do to fight this as long as needed to find a permanent cure to the autoimmune disease?

Please help.





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@kim-h so glad to hear this. Best wishes for 100%. 

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Hello everyone,

I wanted to provide an update. I am at the 1 year mark after my 2nd Pfizer dose.


List of symptoms experienced this last year (began 2.5 weeks after 2nd Pfizer)

  • Full body pins/needles
  • 1 foot - sharp feeling in muscle
  • Arm twitching, leg muscles twitching
  • Shortness of breath
  • Rapid heart rate/irregular heart rate
  • Chest pain
  • Tight throat
  • Left arm jolts
  • Brain fog, difficulty conc breathing, loss of words a few times
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Limbs fall asleep very easily
  • Eye floaters and flashes
  • Hand foot cramping and pain
  • Heavy firearms
  • New migraines
  • Nausea/dizziness
  • Full ear sensation, sensitive to sounds, ringing
  • Shoulder - loss of internal rotation
  • Sore back, shoulders
  • Burping, loss of appetite
  • Torso body tremors/vibrations


List of tests done:

  • MRI: 20 new very small brain lesions
  • EMG: normal except mild loss in left foot - still considered “normal”
  • Full echocardiogram: normal
  • Copious blood work: normal
  • COVID PCR and blood test 3x: negative for having it, negative for exposure


Doctors seen:

  • ER 4x
  • Cardiologist 2x
  • Neurologist 4x
  • Infectious disease Dr: 1x
  • MS Neurologist: awaiting appointment



  • Possibly migraines, possibly Functional Neurologic Disorder, awaiting 2nd option re MS (1st opinion from neuro said not MS)


Current symptoms:

  • Full body tingling/flushing that changes location many times a day.  Primarily now in face and left arm/left leg
  • Shoulder still locked
  • Tired but not “extreme fatigue”


What has worked;

  • Time
  • Sleep
  • Physiotherapy massage for shoulder (feels better for a few hours)
  • Maybe natrium muriaticum homeopathic (worked for a few weeks for face pins/needles but stopped working now)
  • Black seed oil (Nigella sativa): Might be working - I think so but too soon to say for sure
  • no alcohol
  • no caffeine 


What makes things worse:

  • Stress


Interesting fact:

  • The infectious disease dr works in a clinic that sees COVID vaccine patients 1 day a week - that’s the only type of patient they see.  Wait list is 1 year long. Walked out with “possible functional neurologic disorder” because “all tests were normal”.  Sooooo, all the patients going through that door all have functional neurologic disorder??? I don’t believe it.  Perhaps consider testing for what has been missed.  Maybe read the NIH recent publication.


Final words,

  • I am not making this up, it is real, no docs are offering help to understand the cause, I walk out feeling shamed and crazy.  I have 1 more specialist to see which I have recently been told won’t be until 2023 (MS neurologist for 2nd opinion). I don’t want to see more because they look at me like I’m nuts because what I have doesn’t fit what’s in their text book. Shame on them!!!! I can’t wait for the day when it’s understood what is happening and those doctors think of me and realize “ohh crap, I remember that girl…I should have believed her”

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Hi J,

Any updates? I’m in a similar boat and only time will tell if it is an autoimmune disease. Been healthy before the (one and only) M-Shot. 

Take care

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@j I had same experience with the MDs who tried to bring anything to the table but COVID-19 Vaccines Adverse Effects.

  • The mRNA is Genetic Vaccine and it has never been used before COVID-19! They used that vaccine in large scale Billions of people.
  • What was the goal for them to put this mRNA vaccine in young and healthy people is beyond my understanding.
  • I trusted them (the Public Health) and I am paying the price.
  • My symptoms are much better but are still going on, I will update with the actions I took to get better, hopefully soon after 100% recovery (finger crossed)

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At the beginning, I suffered from all kinds of adverse effects after my booster (really since last June) in late December.  Cold limbs, muscle aches, high anxiety, blurred vision, facial twitching, migraines, brain fog, and my more lasting and intense symptom - internal tremor.

Now, I’d say that I’m much better though I still have a ways to go.  Perhaps, 60-70% better?  My symptoms feel manageable, and I feel more in control of my health.  Today, I mostly suffer from the internal tremors with some migraines.  I have mostly good days now (like 4 of 7) and I’m back to walking and driving.  It took a lot of work and simply time to heal.

Diet: Keto/ Low carb (brought down pain levels), no chocolate, caffeine or preservatives.  AND a ton of water.

Supplements: C, D, B Complex, NAC, Calcium, Magnesium and a multivitamin

Most helpful treatments: Acupuncture, Cold Showers (to bring down nerve pain), Vision drills (helped with blurred vision and vestibular issues), meditation practice, breathing practice (helped regulate my system and anxiety, drop my heart rate), and removing prescription medication (under the care of a physician).

I feel hopeful as I reach this six month milestone.  Wishing the best for everyone as they recover.

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Hope you are doing better. Any updates? Did you have a spinal tap? My symptoms are similar to yours. 
It’s reassuring knowing others are going through the same things and that we are not alone. It seems like we are the Guinea pigs of the shot study and they will know what the real side effects are. 

Take care 

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