Patient Spotlights

Stephen’s story – being a caregiver

When you accept the challenge of being a caretaker for someone who has chronic vestibular issues you may think you know what you are getting into. Most likely your previous experience with this person has given you some idea of what caring for them will entail. Maybe you have a nurturing, altruistic nature. Clearly, this person is someone special to you.

Many people don’t realize that being a caretaker will have a profound impact on your time and energy, your emotional equilibrium, your relationships, and your lifestyle. It’s like getting married or having your first child. You simply could not have foreseen the challenges ahead because you’ve never had the experience.

Here are a few lessons I like to think I have learned (although I still struggle with them every single day!), which might provide some insight into the challenges you already face or the mission you have ahead of you.