Vertigo and Covid Vaccine

Age: 66

Diagnosis: BPPH in horizontal ear canal

December 2015

First time I had vertigo. I woke up drenched and threw up and had an upset stomach. The paramedics took me to the hospital and I was diagnosed with vertigo. After four days I recovered and continued all my yoga poses, including headstands. My student said her vertigo improved since she started yoga.

March 2nd:

Woke up at 3 with a strong episode of Vertigo (without any movement there was intense spinning). Grabbed my phone and pulled myself to the floor, could not make it to the bathroom. I lay there for a good two hours or more, using my phone to follow the different maneuvers to stop the spinning. About two hours later I was able to sit up. I put a call to the medical clinic, crawled, and brought myself to standing. My weakness led to a drop in blood pressure. I took a sip of water with honey and the retching began. Meanwhile, the nurse and doctor returned my call and advised that I go to the emergency room to rule out the possibility of a stroke.

A full day of investigations plus CT scan of the neck was clear and I was referred to see an ENT as a follow-up.

The evening before this episode I had a deep massage and felt the pressure on the sides of the neck and back of the head. Probably the reason the doctors wanted to rule out any clots.
It took me many days of making sleep adjustments and the ENT confirmed that it’s my horizontal ear canal where the crystals are dislocated. She suggested some floor rolls which I didn’t find easy to do. So I continued with my Brahmi breathing, meditation, and relaxation poses. I narrowed it down to the specific head and body position that brings on the dizziness. I have been walking and it helps. Cutting down on caffeine. I take Ginko biloba to help.

When I went for the vaccine my vertigo was manageable.

April 6th:

I received my first dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine. The second night, I woke up with a cold sweat and vertigo (spinning or dizziness). I need to go to the bathroom so after some movements, when I felt safe, I sat up straight. My stomach was upset. I started to feel a drop in my blood pressure so I took a few sips of water with a pinch of pink Himalayan salt. Returned to bed in a sitting position and did some diaphragmatic breathing and a technique called the kapalabhati. This way of breathing focuses on short sharp exhales (I was feeling my blood pressure still falling). After the breathing, I contemplated calling the paramedics (I live alone). They did my vitals – heart, blood pressure, and oxygen. This was about an hour and a half from the start of the episode. I had already started to feel closer to normal. Everything was in normal range so they asked if I would prefer going to the hospital. I declined. They were kind and said please call back if you feel any symptoms.

I wanted to share my story and be part of this group. Where I feel we can all learn from each other how to manage the vestibular condition and learn our triggers.