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Recovering From A Benign Brain Tumor

Friday morning, 14 May 2010, Claire Snyman opens her eyes to find the room spinning around her, the light fixture dancing above. Then she develops her first migraine ever. What is this all about? She


Take Back My Life 5K

VeDA Ambassador, David Morrill, recently completed a 5K race to raise awareness about vestibular disorders. By David Morrill, Chair, VeDA Ambassador Board and vestibular patient I call this my "Take Back My Life 5K." Two


Service Dogs for Vestibular Support

Can a person with vestibular disorder benefit from a service or emotional support dog? For those of you with balance and anxiety issues, this is a question you may ask yourself. In 2015, service animals


A Swimmer’s Journey

Betsy Stengel is a Meniere's patient and a life-long swimmer. In this article she describes the challenges a swimming pool poses for a vestibular patient, such as the dancing reflection of light below the pool's